CGP_0526Kaila is a Canadian singer, song writer and musician. Her style is best described as a mixed blend between 70s disco soul and rock edge. Her music seeks to find that perfect balance of harmonies between the fusion of old school dance (Disco, funk, pop, rock) and new school music (Electro, Pop, Rock). The resulting creation is a sound that has a resonance of disco music in the early 80’s. According to Kaila, it is best described as an expressive, avant-garde, earthy jazzy music that she coined “Bohemian Disco.”

Kaila is the type of girl who isn’t afraid of a challenge. Always willing to plunge into the unknown and experiment with new things, her “why not” and “don’t give up” attitude is what brought her to where she is today touring as a international artist in countries such as; China, Morocco, Portugal, Denmark, Italy , California and Mexico. She is a truly down to earth girl; what you see is what you get.

Kaila is currently touring with her band PULSE. You can check them out here —->

Prior to this, Kaila has put out two 4-song EPs over the past 4 years which lead her to this current opportunity. Look out and expect more to come from this true, strong, passionate, funky and spunky girl.


3 thoughts on “Bio

  1. From what I seen she is the best I heard in a long while. Thanks for the show at laronde gravity. You inspired me to go out and sing more songs and thank you for your first cd I will listen and learn your songs

  2. Hi Kaila – We came across your travel blog and thought, should you stop off in Vancouver, BC, you might be interested in connecting with our charity, Cassie and Friends Society. We are the only charity in Canada 100% dedicated to kids with Juvenile Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. We work closely with BC Children’s Hospital and hope to connect with inspiring people wbo want to help shine the spotlight on the fact that kids get arthritis too and just how serious the disease can be! Thanks, Jennifer

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