I love istening to you..IMO you have so much meaning withyour music..
you have an awsome voice…cantwait to see you in concert, you are simply amazing!!!
Dreamland – I’ve listened to this no less than 5 times today. and here we go again! AWESOME
-Mandy Despain
I just wanna let u know that Dreamland is my 16 years old son’s FAVORITE song! He knows every word and requests it every time!)
-Gus Talley
Hi Kaila, Dreamland love this vid…. got a great voice…I think I will like everything you are going to put out
Kaila, ur talent never stops amazing me!
Your musik is an everyday inspiration to us all!
And we love u for it!!!
-Jo Darin
DREAMLAND is the one of my best tunes by You!
Keep em coming!
Oh my! I love how your video is different and thats what got me addicted.
-Stefan Dodson
You have to believe in your talent Kaila because you got it. Got bless You for everything you do!